Who is in the band?

Vocals | Kristain Kumarich

Guitar | Ben Gorman

Drums | Bailey Sheppard

Bass | Brent Morrison


What’s the band's name?

We are X MINUS

Our name actually came from a bar around the corner from our rehearsal rooms. It had a '+' and a '-' as its name and we thought that it was pretty cool, so we dreamt up our own symbol/logo name. We've since found out that there was a 50's american science fiction radio show that was called 'X MINUS ONE' but we are in no way either sci-fi or mathmatics geeks!


Where are they from?

We come from all parts of Melbourne Australia, mostly from the south-eastern suburbs. Our gigs have been primaraly inner-city shows and we love getting out in-front of our family and friends at te suburban gigs.


What do they sound like?

Our influences are wide ranging from: Rock to Metal, Grunge to Punk Pop, and everything in between with a heavy dose of Theatrical Emo Punk. Therefore our sound comes out the other end a dirty Grungy riffy sound with theatrical vocals and stage show.